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Screen-size image option...



Hello Evernote fans,
Is there already a way to get a one-click screen-size image in a note?
Reset image size is an option, I know, but I find myself doing the reverse a huge number of times namely resizing an image to screen size and that sometimes starts to become a monk's chore, especially if a case ticket is large. Anyone have the same luxury problem?

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@PinkElephant Great tip, thank you very much!
A 'scale to screen size' option would also be cool, because in 90% of the cases here the cash receipts come in directly from other program' for example our weekly groceries, there my spouse sends them directly to my EvN from her retailer app

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Frankly - I just leave that stuff as it imports. I see no need to have it neat. I won’t touch them any more until I do my tax return.

So why invest effort into something that is plain functional, without a need to be pretty ?

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Because an image can only be one of many pieces of information in our note and I am always adding information above and below it, so a smaller image seems more user-friendly to me.
Now, your tip has already helped me a lot, thanks. The first one is already via a cell and it works well. thanks for the tip!

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