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Invitation email never send

Jon Huynh



I'm an admin and I've tried to onboard a new user for 2 days but I wasn 't able to do so.  The user never received the invitation email so she can't activate her account.  I've submitted a technical support ticket but I didn't get anythhing back from Evernote either.  The chat option is disabled on Evernote Support site. 

The lack of support from Evernote is very frustrating.  I'm running out of support options.  Do you have any suggestions?



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Is this a Teams account?

You could try a different Email address.  For example use your a generic Gmail address or add a suffix to your own Email in the form yourname+hername@youremail.com

Evernote will recognise the +hername as creating a new Email address.

Hopefully you'll get the invitation and be able to kick things into life.  You will then be able to access the account settings and amend the Email address to hers and move on from then.

However, if for some reason Email to her is rejected somewhere in the Email chain, then it might not be wise to use that address.  So if she could open an alternative Email with Gmail, Outlook or whatever that might work better for now.

The Evernote support teams is exceedingly busy.  So if you received an automated acknowledgemet with a ticket number you will get a response.  You are unfortunately in a long queue.

If you haven't got a ticket number then you aren't in the queue and need to resubmit your request.

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