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More separate Shortcuts "folders"



See idea in attatched image.

It would be significantly more flexible if the user has "multiple different activities and interests"

For example:

Shortcuts at work
Shortcuts for private things
Shortcuts for one's own project outside of work, etc...

At the moment I would like to have a lot more notes in Shortcuts, but it's very cluttered...

Basically, it could work as different environments for different work.

For example, I now use 2 paid Evernote accounts for this reason. One as work and one as private... And I switch between them as needed. Because it's so much clearer for me...

I'm not a programmer though, but this might not be very difficult to implement... or am I wrong?


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I think a lot could be done to improve the organisation of both shortcuts and saved searches. Just having folders within shortcuts might be helpful.

The simplicity of shortcuts does mean I am very focussed on keeping my shortcuts to the bare minimum. It has to be really important to justify a position in shortcuts. It therefore avoids the massive bloat of my chrome bookmarks. The fact that there are keyboard shortcuts for the first 9 shortcuts is a good guide.

If your shortcuts are just notes you can have a master note for that area (home, private etc in your case) and just put note links in the master note. Make the master note a shortcut.

Another little space saver is that shortcuts to tags include the sub-tags by clicking the triangle.

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