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Customized Thumbnails



Please let us put customized thumbnails on notes. When using evernote with various people in a team, It will be easier to see who posted what. The author is not visible unless you check the "note info". In my case, my name also stopped automatically appearing on my notes after I installed Evernote's Web Clipper.

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Hi.  You missed the previous 10 pages on this subject I take it?  Please vote here. 

How are you seeing other people's notes?  Are these shared into your account,  or all you all sharing one account?


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first post, please forgive if I overstep or over-read something. 

I also am struggling with the customization of the thumbnails, 

but I - seemingly (and in the actual state of versions) - found a workaround, using a little bug as a tool:

as I read - and experienced - for some time now the thumbnail is set shortly after an Image (or a thumbnailable attachment) is included into the note and then doesn't actualize itself upon note-editing.

wich means: if you create a new note (or edit a note that does not already have a thumbnail) only add the picture you want to have as a thumbnail, synchronize until the thumbnail is generated, and then just edit the note the way you finally want it to be. 

it is inconvenient (and I would love the developers to fix the issue), but right now it works; and if you are on some aspects of your note-taking a little nerdy (like - for example - me 😋) - you might prefer a workaround to an impossibility...


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