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Basic+ subscription to just turn off the regular "you won't be able to get back to this offer" nag.

Andrew, Hove


I've searched for similar past requests and the latest I can find is 2020 so wondering if after 3 years maybe there are enough free users out there who would be willing to pay a few $s a month just to have the exact same service but without the constant prompt to upgrade.

I have no idea how many free users there are in the same position but if it's hundreds (thousands?) a small monthly/yearly sum might be enough to make it attractive to Evernote to consider.

I don't need and wouldn't use the Unlimited Sync across devices, 10GB Monthly Upload, Massive Note size etc. etc. of the first paid level (Personal) but would be happy to pay a couple of $s a month just to stop the nag. I started using Evernote after 3banana closed down and just wanted a basic notes service and it fitted the remit.

The regular prompt is at the point that it is beginning to be attractive on balance to finally look into alternatives even though I know that it will likely be a lot of time, effort and grief to switch and learn a new app so thought I'd see if there was any change of heart at Evernote

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