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Separate default notebook for Web clips

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As a EN use of 20 years of loyalty I'm posting my first very basic but logical feature request:

Besides the Default notebook setting I would like to have a separate default for web clips.


  • For the majority of users note taking is split up in 2 categories:
    • Manually created notes (meeting notes, thoughts dump, updating recurring reference documents)
    • Notes based on external content (web clips, copy-pastes, references to online media)
  • Manually created notes are typically either scribbles or 'notes to keep', which users will clean up and structure while writing.
  • Web clips are typically used as a browser bookmark alternative. A web clip very often means
    • I still have to read this later on, but also
    • I have to clean up this web clip to make it reusable (the formatting of web clips is very often unreadable.)
  • Users on a desktop/laptop perform differnt behaviour than ones on a mobile device. The former is focused on manual note-taking and has the ability to edit his/her note content, the latter is more focused on note taking via web clips, hence hard to edit on their small mobile device.
  • A typical usecase would therefore be that a user will edit re-read his webclips on a desktop/laptop, which were previously exported from his mobile device.


Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 22.49.20.png

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Thanks for the quick response. Indeed I was looking for the setting for clips shared from mobile. I was hoping to find them in any settings view and it to be device agnostic.

In any case, meanwhile I found sort of a resolution to my desired outcome (i.e. filtering on webclips). It seems I can just search for the built-in "web clips" filter. In this case it doesn't matter in which notebook they live. It does the job for now. See attachment.

Thanks again for your help.


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You can set a fixed notebook to be always used on clipping in web clipper settings.

These are the settings behind the gear wheel icon in the web clipper itself, not in the app settings. It will effect all clips done on that specific web clipper. Other options are to use the last notebook, or to have the notebook assigned by system guessing (smart filing). It seems the last option is not working currently, however.

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Hi @PinkElephant

Thanks for your answer. However, I'm not sure if I fully understand what you mean with web clipper. As far as I can see I don't have a separate web clipper app / widget on my android device. 
How I perform a web clip is by for example clicking "Share via" on a Linkedin post, and then select Evernote from the external options. This shows me the Evernote web clipper overlay, but it doesn't show a gear icon or settings. Just a dropdown to select a different notebook than the default, an option to add tags, and a cancel and save button.

I also tried adding the Evernote "shortcuts" widget and change the settings for the default notebook from the widget. However this doesn't even seem to affect the main default notebook.
Evernote Android app version = 10.56
Android OS = 12

Based on your comment I tried looking on Play store for a dedicated Evernote Web clipper, but I can't find such a thing.

Looking forward to hear more details on how to resolve it.


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Yes, good solution. You can apply a web clips filter as well by using the filter icon. From the menu choose the „Contains“ option, and then way down on the list of content types you find „web clips“. If you need it more often, save it as a saved search.

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