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Standalone Native Evernote Calendar



When can we finally expect EN to have an integrated standalone calendar like for example TickTick? Can't believe that EN is still relying on the crutch that Google Calendar is. A native EN calendar is critical for improving the product, because integration of any 3rd party calendars requires an interface, which will lead to hick-ups, glitches however you want to call it.

Google has a Calendar and Task, Microsoft has a calendar and tasks, why is EN - as a productivity system - lacking this essential function?


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Because it’s not essential at all.

A stand-alone calendar means yet ANOTHER calendar. You maintain it separately (and have to keep it all in mind), or you need to sync it to another.

And here we are: Calendar(s) needs to be synced. Doesn’t matter if you sync it IN or OUT. I prefer the full calendar I have, and EN devs to stay focussed on making EN better. On my list of what the devs should do next, an additional calendar is not even a footnote.

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See it exactly the other way around:

1. EN forcing me to sign up to another service, e.g. Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar to be able to use a calendar within EN - whereas a calendar is an essential tool in any productivity system - is a no-go, because I don't want to sign up to another service. I want to retire my reliance on TickTick for Tasks and Calendar.

2. The interfaces to 3rd party calendar applications need to be maintained and make EN dependent. That said, I would rather see EN investing in their native ecosystem then an interface.

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@PinkElephant  I see your point. Most people have a lot of stuff going on outside of their EN system. Committments to people and things outside of one's EN system (colleagues/clients being able to see your open slots, ability to send invites to meetings etc) are arguably best handled by a 3rd party robust calendaring system or other work system.

But there are solopreneurs with maybe a just couple of assistants or subcontractors that want to unify all their systems into Evernote.

EN already has a calendaring system that internally has all the nuts and bolts to offer a way better user experience for solopreneurs that don't need something like google calendar to handle a dozen separate inputs into their calender. EN just chooses to cripple their calendar for some ungodly reason.

It's incomprehensible that I need to create a separate event in google calendar just to place a stupidly simple but important EN task in Evernote's own calendar.

It's crazy that EN's calendar interface offers just a single day's view when the data is already in there to throw up a simple 5 column, 7 column, or 31 grid layout on the home page. 


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