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Some ideas for app improvement

Jimmy Bionic


Hi there,

I assume some folks on the forum must have been over this before. Evernote is handy in many aspects, though I somehow tend to use it mainly for tagging my bookmarks, perhaps even more often than for keeping my notes. Once Chrome and other browsers have tagging implemented for bookmarks, Evernote is supposedly gonna start losing  its audience.

First thing to notice is hierarchical tags. Currently Evernote doesn't have them. Lets say I have two tags: microservices and Kubernetes. Apparently, Kubernetes is for microservice management, so the tag must be included within a more general tag name of microservices. Evernote doesn't allow to do that yet.

The other thing is automated tagging. There is some clear development in this area: https://towardsdatascience.com/extracting-text-from-pdf-files-with-python-a-comprehensive-guide-9fc4003d517?gi=732b9a4c62a1

Since Evernote has the capacity to manage large collections of attachments in PDF, audio or other formats, it'd be great if Evernote could also do tagging automatically by using the AI to analyse the content of a bookmarked page or a file, then by matching it against the existing set of tags a user has in his/her collection in order to reduce the range of possible tag names and, thereby, to facilitate further search by a user. 

Looks like a heck of work, but the impact is quite clear :)



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