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(Archived) Size column in the note list & finding duplicates & url disp

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I was wondering if we could get a size column in the Note List pane

It would be quite useful (during the Beta at least) for when we are approaching the storage limit

It would also be very useful to be able to find duplicates, for example if I am on a page that hasn't changed since I last captured it and capture it again to a new note it would be nice to be able to know this and clean up after myself

Another somewhat unrelated thing I was wanting to do was to show the origin url (if there is one) in the Note list pane

In addition to the Note List pane column, it would also be useful (to me at least) if this could be shown at the top of the note (as well as at the bottom)

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The new 'alpha' of IMAP support for evernote does allow us to see the sizes of the notes through an email client so that is useful

It would still be useful to be able to see sizes using an evernote client as well

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