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  1. It might be useful to include a link to the Known Problems list in the sticky at the top of this forum (to make it easier for people to check) Other software forums sometimes have a release notification sticky post so that people can subscribe to it to get updates when a new version is released (and see the link to the release notes), that would possibly be useful in here as well
  2. The new 'alpha' of IMAP support for evernote does allow us to see the sizes of the notes through an email client so that is useful It would still be useful to be able to see sizes using an evernote client as well
  3. Hi, I was looking at the "Known Problem" list at http://www.evernote.com/about/support/k ... oblems.php to see if my High System CPU utilisation issue was on there As you might expect from this post I found that it wasn't What is the frequency or delay between issues being reported on the Forum and when they get added to the published list ? Do you have a policy of having to validate and reproduce the issues in house before you accept them as a "Known Problem" (as opposed to a reported but Unknown one) ? Thanks
  4. Does Evernote have a policy for robots crawling public notebooks, or are you happy for google and other random bots to beat a path in and through your site? Google is a special case of course (and any other search engines you care about) but what about other random bots that consume resources and do nothing for your traffic statistics
  5. If Evernote was to add a WINE installation into their platforms and do regression tests on that as well it probably wouldn't cost very much It would however give you a tick box that the competition most likely don't have on their products and linux users are often quite vocal... (this can of course be both good and bad)
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how we could use either current or planned Evernote 3 features to be able to share notes with different groups of people It would be useful if (some) of the notes could be kept private, possibly via groups created between different evernote accounts (as opposed to an obfuscated but open url) Thanks
  7. Maybe the evernote programmers could include a "use at your own risk" flag for the installer to not perform the "supported operating system" check
  8. I watched the demo from Java One it certainly looks like a nice toy and useful as well, I'm undecided on a purchase right now (until the writing paper is free) This certainly has potential and with some voice recognition (something like Jott) would really go very well with Evernote for capturing even more information
  9. You could try capturing some information about the issue with kernrate as that will help highlight where the problem is happening (assuming that it is a system CPU issue and not a user process CPU issue). Apparently the XP 32bit version of kernrate works on Vista without any issues If you are not comfortable running programs from a cmd prompt I wouldn't suggest doing this You may also need to run kernrate with elevated privileges on Vista (I haven't tried using it there) If you are, then get kernrate from Microsoft at http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/sy ... rview.mspx Install the package, then run it from a command prompt and collect the output into a file Share the information on the forum if you like or send it to Evernote support and see if it helps them get any further If the problem is easily reproducable the Evernote staff will have already diagnosed the issue from the problem reports so far so going to all this trouble would be wasted If you wish to go ahead and collect the extra information either just because you are curious or you want to pass it on to Evernote to see if it helps them Get a cmd prompt and navigate to the directory where kernrate is installed and run the 32bit or 64bit version as appropriate for your installation In order to get meaningful information for the names you need a symbol path set (on my XP installation c:\Windows\Symbols is an appropriate path) In the cmd window set _NT_SYMBOL_PATH=SRV*C:\Windows\Symbols*http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols In my case for a 32bit XP the appropriate executable for kernrate was "C:\Program Files\KrView\Kernrates\Kernrate_i386_XP.exe" The parameters I used for Kernrate for the first collection pass were to collect data for 60 seconds, and to look at Evernote specifically (by name) Also to show all the processes running (-t) and to show locking information with a threshold of 100 and to exclude items that had less than 20 calls from the output "C:\Program Files\KrView\Kernrates\Kernrate_i386_XP.exe" -ns Evernote.exe -a -s 60 -t -x# 100 -k 20 > evernote_high_cpu-file1.txt For the second pass, after I had seen that win32k was high in the list of kernel modules consuming CPU resources (in "Results for Kernel Mode:" table) So I added a "-z win32k" to zoom in on that module and give more details (in the hope that it might be more obvious what components were being called) "C:\Program Files\KrView\Kernrates\Kernrate_i386_XP.exe" -z win32k -ns Evernote.exe -a -s 60 -t -x# 100 -k 20 > evernote_high_cpu-file2.txt In my case I made a third pass as well and added "-z comctl32" as I had also used Process Explorer and noticed that comctl32 was in the stack and I wanted to make sure that the process was stuck in the kernel. I did this so I could double check that the 0.00 user time of the Evernote process really did mean that the Evernote program had not done anything and was waiting on the kernel to return. "C:\Program Files\KrView\Kernrates\Kernrate_i386_XP.exe" -z win32k -ns Evernote.exe -z comctl32 -a -s 60 -t -x# 100 -k 20 > evernote_high_cpu-file3.txt The information may not mean very much but if you just ran the very first kernrate that I gave above, you might get an indication of where the process is spending its time
  10. Hi, I was wondering if we could get a size column in the Note List pane It would be quite useful (during the Beta at least) for when we are approaching the storage limit It would also be very useful to be able to find duplicates, for example if I am on a page that hasn't changed since I last captured it and capture it again to a new note it would be nice to be able to know this and clean up after myself Another somewhat unrelated thing I was wanting to do was to show the origin url (if there is one) in the Note list pane In addition to the Note List pane column, it would also be useful (to me at least) if this could be shown at the top of the note (as well as at the bottom)
  11. I'd like to second this request, there are definitely times when we want to have completely different accounts and not just different notebooks Also it would be useful if the windows client could be allowed to remember the different passwords associated with each account (should we choose to have the password remembered) It doesn't give me additional security to have to get the password out of keepass for my alternate account when I am switching between the two, it just slows me down Thanks
  12. Opera support would be great, it is certainly noticable when its missing in a browser and you get used to be able to clip...
  13. Seeing as you are on Vista you could use the Windows Performance Toolkit to get some more information if you are technically inclined... http://blogs.msdn.com/ntdebugging/archi ... xperf.aspx It is nice to know that other people are having issues with high system cpu as well, I was suspecting it was because I had a relatively old video card (and a reasonably old cpu paired with it) See viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6282&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a as well
  14. Is there any chance of a getting a comment from Evernote on whether this might even be of interest to them ? Thanks
  15. I was thinking of using a junction because I couldn't find a place to change it using application configuration
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