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Cannot login to Evernote 10.61.10 using Windows 10

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A week ago I switched by Evernote application to be a startup app.  Once I did that, it stopped allowing me to log in.  When I try to login to the Windows App, I get the below error.  I have tried restarting Evernote, I have checked the task manager to ensure there are no Evernote programs running, I have removed and reinstalled Evernote and rebooted my PC but I am unable to log into the application.  I have no issues with the online version.  

The Evernote version was downloaded directly from the Evernote website.  

How can I solve this issue?  






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That's usually an indication of some corruption.  I'd recommend uninstall with Revo Uninstaller to get rid of the rubbish. Reinstall with the latest download from evernote.com

Log in and take it from there.

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