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Not all images and video link previews are downloading to Windows. They are OK in iOS or web view of note.

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When I open a note with photos (mostly iOS screen shots, some images copied with PC from web or other source) a lot of them are just missing.  No blank lines, no error message placeholders.  It is like they just didn't download with the note.  Some are weblinks to YouTube videos which typically show a preview picture.  There are some images and video links that load properly.

When I open the same note in the web or in my iPhone application they are all there and viewing properly.

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Images are typically large files as compared to plain text - over a mobile link you'll see the text first.  then pictures will 'fill in' as they download.  You could try setting up such notes for offline access so that the whole note is stored locally...

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Great idea to keep it offline, thanks.  I know it has a lot of images but very disappointing to have opening such files such a problem. I have had to wait before for all images to load but in this case they never appeared.

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