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Is there a way to export my 5300 notes in Evernote?

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Hi.  There are various current ways to export your notes from a desktop.  The web and mobile versions don't allow this feature. 

It's not a good idea to export all notebooks to one file because an export does not include notebook data.  Better to export eaxch notebook to a separate file.

Options are:

  • From the Notebooks page (in Desktop) look for the three dots to the right of each notebook name.  Click there for export options.  "Export" will apply to all notes without any limit on numbers.  The process exports notebook content from the server,  so takes a little while. 
  • Options currently available include output to various files types such as - HTML / PDF / ENEX.  To simply backup safely,  or to export your files to another service which can import that format,  ENEX is best.
  • There are two third-party options to that manual process:
  • It may be possible to set up automation services like AutoHotKey or Zapier if you are able to do so.

It's very rare for data to be 'lost' from an Evernote account,  but lots of people still like to have a full copy of their notes somewhere safe,  just in case.  Think of it like wearing a helmet when you ride a bike... no-one wants or expects an accident,  but they do happen.  See below for some more considerations.

If you would like to see an option within Evernote to set up a regular export of all notes,  notebook by notebook please tell them - feedback@evernote.com

More information

If you're staying with Evernote (and you should,  if you can - exciting times ahead!) you should be aware that all your notes are saved to Evernote's servers.  The current  'parent' copy stays there,  while 'child' versions are downoaded in different formats to your various devices. 

Whether you subscribe or not,  a copy of your current notes will be stored on the servers and available for download.

If you subscribe,  you'll also have access to Note History which is a snapshot (taken several times each day) of the content of the note since its creation.  (Non-subscribers also have this protection - it works on all synced notes,  not just subscriber accounts - but you need to subscribe for access.)

Of course all of that depends on your access to Evernote servers.  If you want to be super-careful not to lose any information,  or want to use it outside of Evernote.  then you need to backup your data.

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