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Evernote new version android and desktop its very slow also not happy to use evernote anymore



Since 2016 onward i keep using evernote and i am primium user almost 50000 notes are using and i was loved and enjoy using evernte those years, after the new upgrade came up 2020 android and windows version very enoying happanning. if there is any possiblity i go back to android 8.1 or 8.00 blow numbers i want use those, those who use and love evernote i am sure now started hating to use.

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You can go back but you will need to download from a third party repository. I fear, though, that this will only be a short term option. The writing is on the wall for the old options. Better to make peace with V10, work out how to achieve your outcomes and move on.

If that isn't possible you can go back wile you make a plan for the future.

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