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purportedly exceeding two devices | august 2023



i’ve been a user since 2011. en decided today (when yet again i was skipping their free trial offer) that i was exceeding my device limit and has essentially locked me out. i only use en on two devices (and no web version). today, it created two iphones from my one iphone. according to the device list, an iphone titled “iphone” had been used less than an hour ago… and an iphone titled with my name (which is how my iphone is actually titled) was being used currently. so i dropped/revoked the one it claimed i had been using within the hour and kept what it claimed was the “current” iphone... and then i got the same error again. eventually followed by a lengthy stream of ongoing errors and malfunction.

so i cannot view my notes on any of my two actual (or three purported) devices (or anywhere for that matter). nor did dropping/revoking work to remove the exceeding devices error. nor can i get any form of assistance. i’ve spent hours of my life troubleshooting this issue today. the app is updated. this is not anything i have done (ie i did not try to use it on more than two devices) and it is exceedingly frustrating and stressful, how do i regain access to my notes??? apparently, according to the many discussions i’ve read, people have been having this issues for years and there is still no functional solution. does en require i pay and upgrade in order to even communicate with them about their technical issue??? besides the fact it should not be necessary, i’m not even confident in going that route given the many unsuccessful posts re.

thanks in advance for any actual assistance and kind regards…


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. Occasionally I've seen reports here of passwords that people use on multiple sites being stolen from one of those sites and then used to hack in to their Evernote account, often from a supposed iPhone. Hope that's not what's happened to you. IAC, you should be able to go to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new, click Sign in as Guest, then select My account, then Device limits, etc., then scroll down to Submit ticket. Evernote does offer very limited free support for account-related issues like this.

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