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Requesting Evernote API key crashes

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I'm trying to connect to Evernote API via NodeJS but I'm struggling with their API integration guide. It's recommending to generate an API key.

I've been attempting to generate an Evernote API key by filling out their form:
I'm always greeted by the same error after I submit my information:


I've been using the first part of my Evernote email as a username and I'm still not able to generate an API key. I've also tried different combinations of permissions for my key and all of them end up in the same error page.

I've also tried to contact their customer support but unfortunately the link on the error page actually opens a webhook request form

I'm very concerned if I'm following the right steps and I don't know whom to contact about this issue.

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39 minutes ago, agsteele said:

The Stack Overflow forums are the place to ask this question.

I've tried to post the question on StackOverflow but I've been closed because they've mentioned that it's not a question about programming or software developement.image.thumb.png.58de3c3c351d3a03b47b67adb66bcfdf.png

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On 8/24/2023 at 7:38 AM, AlexandruGheorghe said:

Thank you for your help. I've opened a ticket.

If you find a solution to this, I'd be grateful if you post it here. I'm having the same issue, and trying to contact Dev support asks for API Consumer key, which I would get once I got the API key 🙃

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