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Sandbox API > Issue with Searching Notes by Keyword - Empty Result Array

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Hello Evernote Community,

I'm currently working on a project where I need to search for notes in Evernote using specific keywords. However, when I use the search API with the keyword, I'm consistently getting an empty array as the result, even though I know there are notes containing the specified keyword.

Code Example:

// Sample code for searching notes by keyword
// ... (code for authenticating and setting up the client)

const keyword = 'exampleKeyword';
const filter = new Evernote.NoteStore.NoteFilter({
  words: keyword,

const resultSpec = new Evernote.NoteStore.NotesMetadataResultSpec({
  includeTitle: true,
  includeCreated: true,

const searchResults = await noteStore.findNotesMetadata(authToken, filter, 0, 10, resultSpec);
console.log('Search results:', searchResults);

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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