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Merely signing in to the forums activates my Evernote 'WEB Device' (?)

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Very obnoxious practice.

Some forum posts are sign-in walled even to read, and the act of signing in itself causes the 'WEB' device to activate, after which I am compelled to pay for a sub.

Even after manual de-activation of the 'WEB' device, signing in to the forums (not even the WEB note-taking app!) once again 'auto-activates' the 'WEB' sub, barring access to the Windows desktop application. (Also why are the WEB and OS versions of the app considered different devices, when they are run on the same machine?!)


Additionally, there's a grand total of 2 deactivations per month, which means it's quite easy to effectively lock yourself out of your notes merely by trying to interact with the EN forums.


This is a predatory and harmful practice, from a business, technical, and community perspective.

It also unfortunately means that this will be my last forum post, because it occurs to me that I will not be able to log back into the forums since I only have one 'deactivation' left and am about to use it to restore access to my Desktop-App notes on Windows.

Please change this behavior.


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Hi.  Posts in the forums require registration, but AFAIK not your current account details - so quick fix: register here again with different details.  Also it's a public third-party forum which does not count as a 'device'.  Why your access also triggers the Evernote page to open I can't imagine - but it's a local issue that neither Evernote nor we other Forum users can change for you.

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