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An icon that shows/hides the right sidebar that displays Table Of Contents without losing the content view

Gopi Gorantala


Can a note show both Table of contents on to right and the content?

I write lengthy notes for my subjects. And the headings are not visible until I scroll through the content. Can you show the Table of contents (H2, H3, H4) to the content right side? So clicking on a particular heading takes you to the right index on the content.

Suggestion: Create an icon that shows/hides a right sidebar that displays all the headings without losing the content view. I would like to see both my written notes and headings(right side) for ease of navigation.

Attached is my obsidian screenshot that does both.

Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 6.56.38 PM.png

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Hi.  That would require 'anchors' within notes to allow content to be indexed in the way you describe. It is possible to recreate this situation in a slightly different way within Evernote.

  • Open one note in a separate window and have another open in the app
  • Choose one as the index and the other as a section or paragraph content holder
    (When I do this I tend to rough out the notes in outline in the index and then use each line as a link to a separate note title)
  • Create the content of each section in the separate notes,  jumping between them if necessary with the Index


Use a word processor which has these capabilities and simply save the parent copy of the file in Evernote.  It's editable wherever the WP app is available.

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@gazumped You're right, and I accept the workaround solution.

But, is there a way we focus on writing notes that contains H1, H2, H3, etc., headings, and Evernote magically picks these headings and creates a table-of-contents(TOC) that displays on the right of the notes?  Now, students can click the headings on the right sidebar, and it directly takes the student's cursor to the clicked heading of the written notes in the same single note.

This is a feature request I suggest.

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1 hour ago, Gopi Gorantala said:

This is a feature request I suggest.

I think it already is - but I moved the thread to a voting forum.  I think it's a 'nice to have' - but as you point out;  there's already a heading hierarchy to work with...

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