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Slow and lost all my local work

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I have been using Evernote many years. This app experience get worse and worse. It become slower and always fail to save my work or sync correctly. Recently, I clicked Share after I finish my notes, and it has no responding any more. Coming back and open the app does not show me the most recent work. It lost my important local work, making me so frustrated. Not gonna use this app any more! 


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Hi. Sorry to hear about your bad experience,  but your work should still be saved on the server - have you tried signing in via Evernote.com in a browser?  (Beware this counts as 'another device' if you're not a subscriber.)  Clicking on Share should have simply opened another menu on screen.

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Same thing happened to me! And yes, I even paid for the upgrade and logged into the browser, and even reviewed the note history. Unfortunately, it appears as if my meeting minutes are gone. 😠 If someone has help direct me to a local/temp copy on my harddrive, I'd be forever grateful!!!

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10 minutes ago, abby3D said:

I even paid for the upgrade

Then congratulations you now also have access to email support - try https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new to raise this issue.  Don't forget to give full details of your device,  OS and current Evernote version.

As regards your request for a location - it depends on your Evernote version,  but most likely the temporary files created before syncing to the server will not be human - readable...

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