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(Archived) Trigger finger

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I find that Evernote is very quick to delete and I can't find a way to 'undelete'. Undo does not work.

The problem is that Evernote does not behave howI expect. For example I had three captures and I added two of them into the third by 'copy', 'paste as text' . When I deleted the original two the pasted versions also deleted leving me with no way to recover.

I think Evernote is fantastic but happenings such as the above have caused me to lose captures on a number of occasions, which is a shame.

The only approach I have worked out is to transfer individual screen captures into desktop publishing software where I can manipulate with safety.

But is there a way of merging, combining captures within Evernote to reduce the number of isolated captures on a given topic?

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Um...you don't say which client you're using. And I don't know what you mean about EN being "quick to delete." If only deletes a note if you click "delete."

Windows & Mac clients - if you accidentally delete - look in the trash. You can also select multiple notes & right click/merge them into a single note.

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I want to suggest that deletion should update the last modified timestamp; I discovered that my mother has like 1000+ items in her Trash so it was impossible to figure out which item had most recently entered it.

What version are you using? IME, the Windows desktop does this.

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