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  1. This is the first time I've been on this forum so am not too sure if the topic has been dealt with but a search didn't show up anything. Anyrate, I want to print a list of the titles of my notes that are in a particular group to give me a printed index. I can't see a way of printing the list of titles, only the individual notes. Without a list I cannot collate and compare with other lists I have in Dropbox and in folders on my hard drive. Can someone please explain how to do this? The only way I can think of is rather tedious, that is copying sections of the screen and pasting sections to reassemble in a word or desktop publishing program.
  2. I find that Evernote is very quick to delete and I can't find a way to 'undelete'. Undo does not work. The problem is that Evernote does not behave howI expect. For example I had three captures and I added two of them into the third by 'copy', 'paste as text' . When I deleted the original two the pasted versions also deleted leving me with no way to recover. I think Evernote is fantastic but happenings such as the above have caused me to lose captures on a number of occasions, which is a shame. The only approach I have worked out is to transfer individual screen captures into desktop publishing software where I can manipulate with safety. But is there a way of merging, combining captures within Evernote to reduce the number of isolated captures on a given topic?
  3. Thanks for confirming the situation. It is a shame that a system that is fantastic at putting and organising stuff in is limited in getting info it out. I've been using it for family history captures and notes. But I will need to reconsider whether Evernote has any advantage over standard 'picture' folders that have their entries tagged. It would be nice to think that future versions will beef up the output options so rhat Evernote could be more of a research tool rather than just a note taker/jotter. In the meantime I will grab screenshots of the lists then ocr them to get them into a spreadsheet.
  4. Is there a way of printing out the List View. I want to have an offline copy to edit and mark up away from a pc. Putting stuff into Evernote is extremely easy, as is tagging etc but the output options seem limited if you want to produce a list of notes quoting Evernote as the source. Perhaps someone can point to a suitable way of extracting info.
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