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Nothing seems to work!!

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How old is old ? When it runs regular Catalina (not loaded via an bypass), it shouldn’t be too old.

When you claim „desktop search doesn’t work“, what exactly doesn’t work ?

There have been search problems with 10.59.5, that were solved with 10.60. My client updated itself today, everything ok do far.

Login on the web is something different. What is your subscription status / are you on a Free account ? How many devices are already synced with your account?

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The one I'm working on now is this Mac.  .  

The search issue takes multiple forms.  If I select a Tag, for instance, notes w/o that Tag come up.  If I search for a text string, it just doesn't search.  I get no result.

I have a current up-to-date w/ the new higher rates Premium Account, as it says on my post.  I get no error messages, just the logo with the "working" circle going around indefinitely.


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