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62% price increase announcement email - very very disappointed

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I am very very frustrated as a decade long user of evernote to be given less than 30 days notice that your price is increasing by 62%!!!!!

I can't believe you are not even giving a long standing user a chance to prepare for departure, soften the blow with a loyalty price promo, or even given a price increase that is reasonable.

I mean the progress to access AI and have suggestions from AI with ChatGPT 4 is cheaper for me to use onenote and a a 40 dollar a year subscription for ChatGPT 4 !

I am very disappointed and surprised at your business tactics thinking that a 62% price increase is even reasonable or ethical for that matter.

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Hi.  This is a mainly user-supported forum,  so we share your pain,  but sorry - can't help.  The situation is what it is - if you're unwilling or unable to cover the increase,  then please visit your 'my account' page and remove any payment details you have there to ensure you don't auto-renew.  When that transfer fails you'll be downgraded to 'Free' status and will still have access to your notes on two devices.  Complete notebooks can be exported from the 'Notebooks' page - look for the three-dots menu to the right of the name. 

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