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Evernote is deleting content



It appears that no one is steering the ship any longer. Here's the end of a conversation with support. I never received an answer. What happened to EN?

It’s been four days with no response. I am very disappointed. Even if the “technical support” team could not recover the information, they could have at least let me know. You (or they) could have also explain to me why this is happening and possible solutions for avoiding this in the future.

I have not been accessing the notes in question since this occurrence in order to allow EN to work on the issue. Instead, it looks like nothing has happened.
Unhappy with EN,


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Nothing in spam folders for either email address that EN has for me. 

I also never had a problem with support for many years. That's my point. EN's support has failed and I think it's a pattern ever since being acquired by Bending Spoons. I'm not the only one. Here's an article about the acquisition https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/16/23462444/evernote-acquired-mobile-developer-bending-spoons-2023

Also, "being inundated" is no excused for a software company not responding to an open ticket. How's this for a sales pitch? We are a software company that sells a product to help customer stay organized. But, we're not organized enough to respond to major issues with the software? 

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The article is from November 2022, and doesn’t tell anything beyond that the company was acquired by a new owner.

About support: I don’t share your experience, but I don’t negate it either. 

Did you receive a ticket number, that we could flag for you ?

Or was no ticket number received ? In this case where did you issue the ticket ? On the web or through a mobile app ?

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