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Folder search failing

Go to solution Solved by Tarokawa,

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  1. Open folder A
  2. Search something in folder A (works fine)
  3. Open folder B
  4. Search something different word in folder B (** not work, lost permission to folder B message shown)

It happens from version 10.59.5

Once close-and-open EN app (restart) then first-in-folder-search will work but second---search doesn't.


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I had this happen to me this afternoon as well.  Stopping and Restarting Evernote... even rebooting computer didn't help.

What solved it for me, was logging out of Evernote entirely.... then logging back in.  

So far, the problem has not recurred. 

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Thank you MHef, however, logging out all terminals, and logging in again method also not work.

At this moment, second notebook search fail happens on multiple accounts of Windows version.

Not happen on Android version and iOS versions (iPhone/iPad)

Not happen on Web.

10.59.5 is not available on Mac, so not yet tested. 10.58.8 works fine - not happen this issue.

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