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Tabs in a Note

michael hamlett


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I agree, when I moved from OneNote to EN, tabs were one of the things I missed.

Structuring big notes is one of the biggest challenges for EN, and I'm open to anything that makes it better, whether it's vertical or horizontal tabs, or outlining to show or hide chunks of note.  

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@michael hamlett @Wilf Forrow EN is not great at handling long notes. It never has been. As I'm sure you've been told many times before the "EN way" is to split bigger notes into smaller notes linked by a table of contents note. This obviously has some disadvantages but also many advantages over a long note. Many of the advantages (e.g tagging individual notes) could of course be introduced for sections of long notes but trying to adopt both paradigms seems to me overly complicated and confusing. Some advantages of short notes can't be replicated with a long note. e.g the ability to have multiple notes (previously sections of a long note) visible at the same time.

EN might of course change - we have no way of knowing. There are hacks to find your way around a long note using the internal note search ability.

If you haven't already I would try small notes and see if you can make it work for you. 

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