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Sync from Penultimate not working



I use Penultimate extensively.  Recently, SOME of my notes taken on my iPad are not synching.  I can read them on my iPad but they are not showing in ANY other platform - phone, Windows desktop, Mac desktop, Web.  The Title shows but the content is not there.  I've also noticed that when I update something on the iPad (like a title or add some more detail to a note), it doesn't update in the other locations immediately - even after forcing a sync on the iPad and on whatever other platform I am looking at.  I've noticed that it eventually might update a title but it is far from happening nearly instantly as it used to.

I have opened a ticket with Evernote support for this - a week ago - and I was informed that they were escalating it and someone would be with me shortly.  That was a week ago and I have asked for updates twice and gotten no reply whatsoever.  My annual subscription was just recently charged and for that amount of money, I'd expect that someone could get back to me in within a week.

Any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks-


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Anybody here is free to contact support (except when on FREE).

But as posted several times already, my opinion is that anybody should treat the additional apps like Penultimate, Scannable or Skitch „as if“ deprecated. The last devs that had an idea about the aged code base were probably laid off when the offices relocated to Italy. The apps are for sure not adapted to the RTE syncing method. As other 3rd party apps as well, they will suffer from problems using the traditional API on RTE syncing notes.

I think you can flat out forget any fixes for these apps. Go watching for alternatives - there are MUCH better apps around, that only lack a direct sync into EN. But content can be created and moved through sharing or using Import Folders, so nothing is lost by giving up these Dino apps.

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