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Lost notes due to unsync-ing of devices

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Hi -

I was a paid evernote subscriber for 5+ years but recently downgraded. I opened up Evernote recently to check on some old notes and it popped up saying I needed to unsync 5 devices because I had accessed it with 7 and now there as a limit of 2 (most of which were long gone devices). I unsynced the rest, and then ALL of my notes disappeared but a few empty folders and notebooks remained.

I have no idea how to get my notes back? All I can think is maybe the notes were originally uploaded on these other devices? But first of all i don't think that's even true, and even so, I wouldn't assume they'd just disappear? Can anyone help me with how to solve this problem? I can't even figure out which devices to try or what the next step is. I've tried searching as much as possible but I've not come across anything useful.

I'm using a Mac but also the web version so I don't think it's a software issue on my end but can provide more details if that's important.

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