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The storage transition from personal plan to free plan.

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what happen if I upgraded to personal plan for one month and finished uploading 20gb of storage, then I cancel it afterward * caz I dont need that much space every month. I know that my account will back to free account which will be back to 40mb per month of upload, but what will happened for the 20 gb of images and videos I uploaded when I had my personal plan?  Will Evernote force me to clean up my space, otherwise I cant use the 40mb of upload monthly or its what I paid for the 20 gb stuffs will be kept for my account forever and + 40mb free storage space add up monthly?  

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Hi.  What you upload as a subscriber will stay available to you if/ when you downgrade to Free.  You'll have access on two devices only,  and subject otherwise to free account limits. If a note exceeds the free account limit you can download content,  but not edit or save changes.

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