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Chrome browser pops up "Evernote servers are under maintenance, please try again later"

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When returning to my computer, my browser displays

"Evernote servers are under maintenance, please try again later"

There isn't any interaction with Evernote (application, webclipper, website) that I can see. Just unlock the computer and get the popup.

I'm using

- Chrome Version 114.0.5735.198 (Official Build) (arm64)

- Evernote webclipper 7.33.1

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Here is the code from the Evernote Web Clipper Extension, file common.js:

                reloadAccounts() {
                    let e = arguments.length > 0 && void 0 !== arguments[0] && arguments[0];
                    return (
                        (this._selectedAccountId = null),
                        (this._selectedSubpart = null),
                        (this._isOnline = !0),
                            .then((e) => (0 === e.length && e.push(0), I.ZP.log("detected auth in slots", e), e))
                            .then((t) => this._createAndLoadAccountsForSlots(t, e))
                            .then((e) => {
                                this._accountList = e.filter((e) => !!e);
                                const t = this._accountList.find((e) => !!e.userId);
                                t ? this.select(t.userId) : this._selectAccount(this._accountList[0]);
                            .then(() => this._updateSyncEngines())
                            .catch((e) => {
                                if ((I.ZP.error("Error in recreateAccounts", e), "object" != typeof e)) throw e;
                                if (
                                    (e.code === G.kq.COOKIES_DISALLOWED &&
                                        (0, me.Z)(
                                            (0, h.ZP)(
                                                "Evernote Web Clipper uses cookies to identify your account. Check your browser settings to make sure third-party cookies are accepted from Evernote.",
                                                "Error message that shows when browser cookie config preventing clipper from login"
                                    e.code === G.kq.MAINTENANCE && (0, me.Z)((0, h.ZP)("Evernote servers are under maintenance, please try again later", "Maintenance message")),
                                    ("undefined" != typeof ProgressEvent && e instanceof ProgressEvent) || e.code === G.wC.OFFLINE || (e.cause && "NetworkException" === e.cause.name))
                                    throw ((this._isOnline = !1), G.rk.fromAny(e));
                                throw e;


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Here is an example pop up. Unfortunately the pop-up function used attributes the message to the website that the tab has loaded. 

My suggestion is that this pop-up doesn't actually help the user, as it's appearing not when the user is trying to clip something but when the web clipper is just sitting idle and has encountered a problem reloading the account.


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You don’t need to do the debugging yourself. 

The usual steps are:

  1. Open web clipper, log out of your account. Close it, open it again, log in.
  2. Uninstall web clipper, shut down the browser, reinstall.
  3. Contact support.

Can‘t tell you more - I don’t use Chrome.

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