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Evernote WILL NOT let me log in , even AFTER trying to reset password, and since I can't log in, there is no way for me to contact customer support

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I pay for an Evernote professional account.  As of two days ago I have been trying to long into my accounts on everyone of my devices (Iphone, Ipad, Windows PC) .  I set it up for 2 step verification.


Whenever I attempt log in, and put in my password, it tells me it texted me the verification code (which I never get the text) so I then ask it to resend it using a phone call , which I then receive a phone call with the 6 digit code) which I then type in and each time it either says 'denied' or it says ' too many log in attempts, try again later'   The next morning, I tried again and on the first try it says this again....


I am trying to get in touch with someone at evernote but THERE IS NO WAY TO REACH THEM....If I can't log into my account, how am I supposed to contact a person (which is what a paid account allows you to do)



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Hi.  Only just seeing this post today,  so sorry for the delay.  If you've not already found it - create a new free mobile account and go to Settings - Support to create a ticket.

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