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When right-click on words in a note, no link to search web

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When I right-click on a word or phrase within a Note, there is no option to search for the word or phrase in the web. I don't use this frequently so I'm not sure when the capability went away but it used to be there. This is obviously an essential feature so I assume it's a bug of some kind.

This is true whether I use app for PC or Android.

Btw, is it really necessary to hide the option to ask a question on this forum? Users may need help to find the place to ask a question in order to get help! 

Screenshot 2023-07-03 115548.png

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Hi.  I had to go back to my copy of Legacy on an old Windows laptop to check,  but there's no option to right-click and search that I can see...  I can do that from Kindle,  but best I can remember I've never done that from Evernote past or present.  Given that it's trivial to copy and paste a word or a phrase into a web page to search,  I don't imagine we'll see the option soon.  So - no bug,  just a possible misremember.

As to hiding  the option to ask a question...  this is a Forum.  It's kind've designed for people to ask questions and do a bit of ranting from time to time... 

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