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Cannot close the windows app, multiple tasks running

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Hey having a problem with my windows app.  When i go to close out after a session it closes fine.  When i reopen i my computer at a later time it sees the app as running from toolbar and when you click it nothing happens .  I have to manually go to my task manager and close all 7 or 8 running apps to be able to re open the app.  I also get a window is not responding error.  Overall love the app, hope this bug can get fixed.  Thanks!

Screenshot 2023-06-28 121144.png

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added screenshot of what needs to be closed in the task manager
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To really stop the app from execution, you need to use the „Quit“ command. Closing only closes a window, not the app itself. And killing one of the tasks in task manager will not stop the whole app, depending on how vital the process is you kill. In general because the app may be doing something relevant like syncing or cleaning up data killing it through the Task Manager should be avoided, if possible.

As I said: File menu and Quit, or ctrl-Q is the clean way to close EN completely down.

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