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200MB limit reached with a 15MB ppt file - ???

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It gets better and better:

I saved a 15MB ppt file in an Evernote note, nothing more, just title of the note and the ppt.
Suddenly Evernote tells me, that I have reached the 200 MB limit of the note.

...is there actually ANYTHING properly working left in this mess?

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You don’t need to pay for the experience. You pay for the ability to share it with support, among other upgrades compared to the Free plan.

Does it work if you open a completely new note, and attach the ppt file to it fresh ?

What about your general upload limit ?

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3 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

@NotePilot1969 You have anything substantial to say ? Plenty of ... nothing concrete. Plagued with issues ... nothing concrete. Every update ... nothing concrete.

It all sounds like superficial talk, with an evil attitude.

I think it's pretty understandable that people are extremely frustrated and every voice confirming these issues helps a little. I don't think your comment is necessary as it is says nothing concrete neither. 

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