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Import folder won't stay connected

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Hi.  How exactly are you moving files to the import folder.  Are these scanned documents / incoming emails / other documents?  Does it make a difference if you create another folder to hold your work-in-progress and drag and drop files from there into the Import folder whenever you get a collection ready?

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Hi. At the moment, it has been a variety of files. Those from e-mails, scanning, documents from my documents folder, etc are all included. I just wait and do the import once in a while since I have to disconnect and reconnect the folder to get it to import. I'm not sure that using another folder would make a difference since that seems like it is the same as moving documents from my documents folder. However, I will give it a try. Thank you for the suggestion. 

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And - that does make me think. I have kept already imported files in that folder (waiting for the day that they get automatically deleted). Perhaps that is the issue. Maybe I need to remove them after they are imported. I'll try that also.



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8 hours ago, Texas Gail said:

I have kept already imported files in that folder

Yeah - that caused me a problem this week:  I caught up on my scanning and added about 30 files to a new Import Folder on Monday.  I power my system off each night,  and happened to see the startup happening on Tuesday...  when Evernote loaded and said "imported 30 files".  I'd seen that message on Monday too,  so I searched for one of the file names - got four hits.  Then spent the morning 1) emptying the folder and 2) deleting 3 blocks of imported files.  Best,  I think,  to do your own housekeeping on that folder - import in batches and empty it afterward - to avoid inadvertent duplications!

All that was on EN 10.57.10 so I updated since to 10.58 - if it happens again I'll contact Support

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