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payment and account problem.

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I just tried to pay the invoice of $77.99 US, but paid $129.99 by accident, I wrote an email to paypal-support@evernote.com several days ago, but have not received any response yet. Then I tried to cancel the subscription, my account became a free account instead of the personal account that I used previously. Can the evernote team solve this problem for me? Thank you.



From: Evernote <no-reply@mail-svc.evernote.com>
Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2023 9:02 PM
To: mlunfw@outlook.com
Subject: Your Evernote subscription payment still has a problem


We have tried multiple times to make a payment for your Evernote subscription in the amount of $77.99 US Dollar on 06/10/2023, but the payment was not successful.

Please update your billing information in order to keep your Evernote subscription active. If we are unable to process your payment, your account will be downgraded.

Attached please find a copy of the subscription invoice that is due.


Update Billing Information

Update Billing Information (https://www.evernote.com/BillyBillingProfile.action)


Evernote Corporation
305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA

This email has been sent to you by Evernote Corporation (or its subsidiary)

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4 hours ago, noeve said:

Can the evernote team solve this problem for me?

They probably can,  but that's not us;  mostly other users here.  With the confusion over your payment I'd suggest you start with PayPal to make sure nothing has been paid.  When you're happy just go to your My Account page and manage your subscription - upgrade from Free to Personal or Professional (again) from there.

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