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Mac. Ever since the last update I click share (box) with arrow and can't save. HELP!!!

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Ever since the last update I can't do the direct share to Evernote!  This has slowed my business to a crawl. As you can see in the screen shot the option is coming up, however when I go to click save nothing happens.

 I have to email everything to my Evernote which takes longer, does not display the correct pic, and sends as a PDF.  

EVERNOTE!! please fix this.  Does anyone have a suggestion??? HELP!!

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 12.32.15 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 12.32.36 PM.png

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Only other users here. If you wan HELP and FIX THIS, I only say „Woman and children first to the lifeboats, and send the orchestra to the afterdeck“. Seems to be life threatening to discover a malfunction.

And exactly THIS malfunction is not life threatening. It’s not because it does - nothing.

So, yes, it’s a bug, and yes, it should be corrected. So better issue a support ticket. I did …

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Just an update: Support came back to me (in due time, just to mention it, everything fine with the reaction time and the answer) and proposed a full reinstall. On my way I detected there may be another problem unrelated to EN, an older installer for MacOS that is somehow stuck, not deletable even with terminal & sudo.

So I have stopped my activities since I am traveling, and something may require a new install of MacOS. I will try to fix this first, but at a time when I can swap again between my MacBook and my MacMini.

So no news on this, except that the EN install may or may not be the root cause here.

Workarounds: Drag & Drop the file, or Import Folder, or send by email, if it is a mail attachment.

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Same. I reinstalled Evernote and it did NOT help. I'm not going to reinstall MACOS! Seriously Evernote Tech, fix this please or provide instuctions how to fix.Screen_Capture_-_Jun_8__8_45_AM.thumb.png.66dd4c950cf2d2cefb51ee715913e2d6.png

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Seriously, what a problem ... a nuisance that would be nice when fixed, but nothing unsurmountable meanwhile.

I have listed 3 workarounds. None of them relies on the sharing option, all of them work. From the web you can use web clipper, which is anyhow the better way to "share" from a browser.

Currently I think all available dev capacity should focus on solving the slow display / data loss issues.

To reinstall MacOS was not provided from EN support - I think I should do out, since I noted some irregularities on my Mac while doing the EN uninstall / reinstall procedure. This has nothing to do with EN, it's an older DMG that got stuck somehow, not deletable with regular means. If you would have read my post instead of blurring out an opinion, you would have noticed this.

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