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Integration with Proton.me services

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I use Proton mail, calendar, vpn, etc. services.

Integration with Google or Microsoft services is always offered, but never with other more secure and private services.

Evernote being a company that tries to care about data privacy in an acceptable way. Wouldn't it be a good idea to join forces with companies like Proton?

I understand that it would not be a perfect integration, but an agreement could be reached between both companies to compete against big companies like Microsoft and offer services that do not always depend on linking with them.

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Philosophically yes.

Economically no, never.

Outlook is #5 in the AppStore's productivity charts. Proton Mail is #163 - and we haven't even got a complete Outlook integration. Not talking about Apples ecosystem, that would probably be the next on the list.

Beside this: Even when I like the efforts of Proton to offer a secure environment - putting all your eggs into one basket is security wise not the best strategy.

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