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Integration with Proton.me services

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I use Proton mail, calendar, vpn, etc. services.

Integration with Google or Microsoft services is always offered, but never with other more secure and private services.

Evernote being a company that tries to care about data privacy in an acceptable way. Wouldn't it be a good idea to join forces with companies like Proton?

I understand that it would not be a perfect integration, but an agreement could be reached between both companies to compete against big companies like Microsoft and offer services that do not always depend on linking with them.

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Philosophically yes.

Economically no, never.

Outlook is #5 in the AppStore's productivity charts. Proton Mail is #163 - and we haven't even got a complete Outlook integration. Not talking about Apples ecosystem, that would probably be the next on the list.

Beside this: Even when I like the efforts of Proton to offer a secure environment - putting all your eggs into one basket is security wise not the best strategy.

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Hello, Evernote Community!
I'd like to put some words here related to this topic.

Currently Evernote is not worrying about privacy. All our notes are stored in a plain text and can be accessed by Evernote employees at any time. On the other hand, Proton stores all user's data fully encrypted so only a user can access his data.

These are completely different philosophies and can't be tied via integration. We need either an additional private mode for Evernote notes when they are fully encrypted or full implementation of E2EE when everything is encrypted. But this kind of encryption is very hard to implement and maintain especially on a huge stack like Evernote

Another solution is to develop a notes app from scratch with fully encrypted notes and this alternative exists on the planet Earth. It is called Notesnook. As stated on their website, it is "open source, end-to-end encrypted, private and cheaper alternative to Evernote and other note-taking apps". I had an experience of using It while I was choosing my new notes app (not so far, less than monts ago). This app is being developed primarily by two or three peoples according to GitHub statistics and that might be a problem of a very slow development progress. If we look at issues It is very easy to notice that some bugs are not being fixed for a lot of months, but despite Evernote doesn't fix a lot of bugs too, Notesnook's bugs are more visible and important, such as syncronisation issues when note attributes never syncronises automatically (notebook assignments, reminders, colors) or interface bugs (editor buttons, customization). Overall, Notesnook needs a lot of resources to become stable, usable and rich of features. Looks like Streetwriters, Notesnook's development team, doesn't put enought resources to grow up their product. Development intensity is in idle mode.

Overall, privacy is very hard to reach today especially without enough resources being put into development. I used Proton services a lot until they have been banned in my country by censorship (email is useless when no one can send you one). I would really like to see another integrations in Evernote like Proton or Skiff, but I clearly see that Evernote Team doesn't want/doesn't have resources/motivation to solve very visible problems and they are risking to turn into Notesnook (but w/o privacy) if they will not eventually stand up and start working hard on making their product first of all more stable and then more feature-rich. Evernote has an App Center with a lot of retired apps, context sources that are not working anymore, very buggy Android and Windows apps, even more buggy export/import feature (when sometimes you can't import back what you have just exported), lack of communication with users (not telling about why the situation is so bad, not telling a lot of time about acquisition by Bending Spoons). Look at this page of your account. How much "Evernote Web Clipper"s do you have? Do you use it? And then look at their recent blogpost. They present a little bit of cornering and color change instead of improving all the thing I mentioned above!

Well, they even don't answer on forum anymore. A huge policy of ignorance and stagnation.

To sum everything up, these are things that Evernote Team and Bending Spoons should reconsider about Evernote:

  1. Marketing strategy to reach new audiences;
  2. Development management and priorities, code refactoring;
  3. Community management and support assistance.


Keep your mind clear and notes safe,

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