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GetPackageFamilyName, KERNEL32.dll fail?

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You can only use the old legacy client with Windows 7, or you need to upgrade your PC to Windows 10 (no problem) or Windows 11 (which can be a technical problem - no PC build for Win7 can officially run Win11).

The legacy installer you get from EN support.

Legacy is deprecated and officially not supported any more.

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You need to go through support:

Be aware that legacy is deprecated. There is nothing official about it, but I would be surprised if legacy is still working end of this year. It is a short term option at best.

And it lacks several features new EN has got in the last years. It won't display or allow to work with this elements (no Tasks, no Home, and some more deficiencies).

Furthermore to run EN (any version) you need to connect to the internet. Using Windows 7 on the web is completely insecure - just visiting a website can be enough to infect your computer with malware. I would take the upgrade to Windows 10. But of course, your decision.

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