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All my notes have disapeared, help

Filipe pedrusian


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Unsync and Logout are 2 different things.

Logout does not cut the link of the device to the server. You do it from the client.

Unsync means you take a device out of your account in general, like when switching to a new phone. These are limited to 2 per 30 days.


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Let us try a complete reinstall on the phone.

Log out from your account there.

Quit the app. Now delete the app from your device completely. When asked dump all data.

Switch the phone off. On an iPhone I would recommend a forced restart. On Android no idea.

Wait 10sec, restart the phone. Open, go to the App Store and download the EN app again.

Start the app, log into your account.

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The next steps would in fact include some unsyncing. This means that with a Free account, we will end up soon locking up, due to consuming the possible unsync actions.

From my view, the next step would be to upgrade to Personal for a month. Then log into the web client (login on the evernote.com website) and check the status there.

If it is the same - watching directly at the server data -, contact support:

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