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(Archived) Create new notes with currently selected tags?

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I thought it was by default, but just realize it's not that intuitive.

I thought if I select a tag (make it green), than create a new note, then this notes should inherently be linked to that tag.

and this should be true when multiple tags are selected.

Apparently it's not the case. Am I correct?

If so, I would really love to have this feature, that'll save some time.

Thanks a lot!!

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Worked in 2.2. Not in 3. Don't think they plan on bringing it back. I agree - it was a great feature. In fact, it's one of the things that make me *not* use 3.

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Dear all

I am glad to hear tagging at the moment of clipping will be definitively planned.


As I am observing (on the Desktop version as it works better (generally) than the Web Mozilla:

- A new tag created while on a tag (selected) will NOT create a child of that tag, it will create a new tag below the EN TAGS and placed in alphabetic order as a new Parent

- a Parent with 0 notes asssigned to itself but with assigned notes to children will NOT show ANY data if clicked upon (never)

- a Parent with some notes assigned to it and notes assigned to some children will ONLY show the Parent notes if clicked upon (double-click, triple-click, clikyticlickyticlickity,...) and nver include the children.

- a double-click on a Parent (assigned notes or not) will switch to show the previously declared behavior in point above to showing the complete "all notes" behavior... weird! (switch always between the two view on consecutive clicks)

-The ONLY tag that will remain with the same showing view of ALL notes upon consecutive clicks is the "Tags" (EN implemented tag).

- The 2.2.1 behavior of clicking on different tag (causing an OR selection) still causes an AND selection in Beta3 which is very weird for upgrading users.

- Still not possible to have selected tag(s) immediately assigned to a new note.

- Still not possible to have keyword filters.

...perhaps some more weird behaviors not mentionned above.

I hope that the complete Parent/Child relationship will be also "definitively planned" (and this could lead to a better combination with a new planned search engine as the all/any is very limited and works worse without that Parent-Child relation.)


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