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lost my last few notes due to an error in the automatic sync

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For the past few days the automatic sync notification was constantly running with no end in sight .most time I put my Mac to sleep and ,wake it up in the morning so as usual my notes will be there, yesterday night I decided to shutdown my laptop on opening the evernote on morning ,it looked like I have just started a new account there ,with nothing to show for of my last 3 years work .some how the chat support guy was able to recover most of my notes.but due to the sync error I lost notes dating back a few days ,which are crucial to me .I have tried contacting the technical team ,but no avail . 

can some one tell me what's is going on ,or how I can restore those notes if possible, there should be some local storage where the notes will be even if it is not stored right? I can't find any somebody help

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May be I have had contact with 15 or more customer care associates, all of them have notified the issue to technical team ,still waiting for the response from technical team 

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yeah I have contacted support ,and they were able to help me recover the notes till a recent date.

but the changes ,and notes I have made from that date is not available on both web platform and  lap version 

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OK - if you would have it active, it could have helped. TM saves the local copy of your notes, together with all the rest.

This could have been used to restore, independent from the sync with the cloud.

I would think about it. A 5TB USB 2.5“ drive will cost 100 bucks, and this will last for a long time of backups. The clouds are super convenient - while they work.

A more permanent way for the backup is a self hosted NAS. Or a service like Backblaze.

But in this case no backup means no chance.

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the old  EN version on windows had a feature where  the desktop version had the file stored locally in the system itself ,right?

is there any feature like that in new version on Mac ,

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Yes - it was likely overwritten by the last sync, I’m afraid.

But you can check: 

Open Finder

From the menu bar select Go > Go To Folder...

Paste ~/Library/Application Support/ and press Go

This is the location for the direct download. The initial symbol is your user name. The folder is hidden, you may need to unhide hidden folders first.

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If you were looking at the right place, you would see this. I have blurred out my user name in the path at the bottom. As I said, the users library - application support folder is usually hidden. Show hidden folders must be enabled to see it.

The change date of the resource-cache subfolder (it holds the local copy) will tell when it was last written - in your case maybe overwritten by the last, fatal sync.


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The notes can only be approached by the client.

You can try this:

Quit the EN client (cmd-Q, not only closing the window). Don't log out before, or it won't open when offline.

Take the Mac offline.

Go to that place in the library, and make a copy of the whole EN folder in application support to another place. This serves as a backup, just in case. You can store it externally like a memory stick or an external drive. Keep the original folder where it is.

Now open the EN client again, while still offline. 

What you see now is what is stored on your local drive. If it is the same as online, it was overwritten by the sync. If you are lucky, it was not overwritten, and then you see what's in the local storage, in the EN client.

If you find stuff that has not been overwritten, you can make a ENEX export of these notes.

Then quit the client again, go back online, open EN again.

Now you are back to the cloud server in command - it will still use the local copy, but will feed from and to the server now. If you found any content, double click on the ENEX export file(s). It will import again, into a notebook by the name of the ENEX file (plus something like (Imported) ).

This import will not overwrite anything, it will sync to the server as new notes.

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Yes, this does look like dead end to me as well.

Sorry it did not work out. The local copy was indeed the ultimate chance.

That's why I keep the TimeMachine Backup, even if the main data lies in the cloud. I can go back in the timeline, and choose a version before any corruption has happened. Seldom used, but a safety net in case something goes wrong.

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now I have also backed everything in to a hard disk using Time Machine ,thanks for the help and effort u put in to answer my doubt, thank you for your effort ,god bless you

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