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I cannot use Evernote App. normally on my Galaxy Fold4.



(I am Korean, and I am writing this article with the help of Google Translate)

My device is galaxy fold4, Android version is 13. I bought this device on March.30.2023. Before that, it was a galaxy note20 ultra, and I was using Evernote App. satisfactorily. I have installed and used Evernote's latest App., and I am a Personal level service user.

I changed my device to Fold4 and am experiencing a wide variety of symptoms. I think I uninstalled and reinstalled about 3 times. Still, the problems remain unresolved. Other connected devices are operating normally.

The approximate symptoms I am experiencing are as follows.


If I close all App. and run only Evernote, the saved notes are opened only once. After that, other notes cannot be opened.

If I run only Evernote, open note, and then run another App., it moves to the upper menu (note book or home) of the opened note. Other than that it doesn't work normally.

When I run Evernote after running another App., only a blank screen is shown.

I am trying to send a support request message with task log through the App. in Fold4, but only the circle is rotating for 30 minutes and it is not completed.


I am getting more and more angry as time goes on. :( Evernote App. accounts for about 30% of my work, and I cannot do normal work. I am not receiving stable service as much as the cost I am paying, and I am starting to lose money.

I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem I'm experiencing.

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I did tracking with the person in charge, and this issue is currently being looked at at a higher level.
After deleting the deleteable apps on my Fold4, Evernote seems to be working normally except for some oddities so far.
It terminates when unfolded and enters halt state when executed when unfolded. The same symptoms occur when executed in the reverse order. It seems that a problem occurs while switching between smartphone mode and tablet mode when the screen is unfolded and folded, and we decided to look into this problem as well.

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