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Calendar in Week View, or Month View



I'd like the calendar widget to be able to be set to default to a week or month view, instead of a day view.  I'd like to open my Evernote and see my calendar and if there is an event on the 10th, that number is highlighted or something. I really don't need a minute by minute breakdown of my day anymore. Thanks.

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I just saw this post as I would like to be able to see my Google Calendar in a weekly view vs a single day at a time.  Mr. Agsteele (Evernote Expert), is there a way to do this within Evernote on my PC?

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Yeah, I just connected Google and Outlook calendars to my Evernote, and I have the same complaint. I need to be able to view an entire week at once, instead of just one day. I can't plan with the current view.

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Great to hear the weekly/monthly calendar views are in development. 

An extended request: 
I would love to be able to see the note name on that calendar based on reminder date and time; same with tasks. Just being able to view those in the calendar view would be amazing - if a link would allow me to open the respective note, that would be icing on the cake. 

The current calendar function is totally different from the note reminder date/time or task reminder date/time calendaring, also useful, but my main need is the latter. Because of this, I recently switched to notion with the notioncalendar view, but I don't find the system as practical as evernote, so will happily switch back to evernote once an equivalent to notioncalendar is available for
1) google/outlook events with links to notes (in google/outlook color)
2) evernote reminder dates/times of notes (in green)
3) evernote reminder dates/times of tasks (in purple)

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