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How do I contact Corporate? My notes aren't syncing, but the Chrome Extension says they are.

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I'm a decades-old premium user. I copy 40 times per day. My posts haven't appeared in my Notebooks since Feb 4. Not good.

The Chrome extension uses the same picture as my online picture. So I think I'm signed into the same account (This is a big weakness with the Chrome extension.)

I'm not a happy customer this moment. Sharing notes matters to me.

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If you mean by "Chrome extension" the web clipper, it doesn't use the same access as the clients. It uses the API to send content into your account.

From what you describe, you have a syncing problem. This is likely caused by your network settings - maybe a Firewall issue, or similar. You can isolate it by trying on a different network, like opening a personal hotspot on your phone for testing purposes.

Create a note, see if it syncs. If it does, try again to create a new note on your network. Go back to the external network to see if this note has synced as well. If it only syncs when you use the personal hotspot, you need to troubleshoot your home network.

Without knowing how the network is set up we can't tell you more.

You can go through support as well:

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