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Is it possible to have a deeplink url which creates a new task/note?



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Are you using the web app?

In the desktop app there's a keyboard shortcut for new notes - Windows its ALT+CTRL+N.

On the phone apps you can add a widget button thingy to the screen for new note.

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Yeah for the web app. What I'd like to do is have an icon on my desktop which opens the web app in a specific state - i.e. I could have 2 icons, one to create a new task and one to add a new note.

For me both would open my browser but to the correct URL.

I'm trying to keep native apps to a minimum.. so it might not be possible!

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Nothing like that for the web unfortunately.

One useful thing about the desktop apps if you do install them, you'll have offline access to all your notes. Something I find useful when travelling.

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