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Web Clipper not longer showing up in Safari 16.3

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It seems as though my web clipper has disappeared.  I have checked the Safari preferences (it is checked), I have uninstalled and reinstalled, shut down my computer and restarted and  I still can't get it to show up.  It is currently sitting in my dock but it doesn't seem to be draggable.


Suggestions needed!ScreenShot2023-03-13at4_57_47PM.thumb.png.be86928730f82ca545fdec7438e324ba.png 

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THIS is not your web clipper. THIS is your installed desktop client, and it has nothing to do with web clipper.


To check for web clipper, you need to go to Safari settings, extensions. If it looks like this, the web clipper is installed. If not, go to the AppStore, search for Evernote Web Clipper, and install it. It can only be installed through the AppStore.



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This icon is not in the section of the dock of the permanent apps, it is in the part that only show the last apps that have been used (outside of those pinned permanently). I can’t remember when I have been seeing the web clipper app there the last time. Web clipper is no autonomous app - it is always embedded into a browser.

On Safari it is installed through the AppStore (as all Safari extensions do), on the other browsers it usually installs through the „extensions“ function the browser offers. The icon is not active in your picture, not showing the black spot underneath. Do you remember on what action it showed up in that section of the dock ?

For me it only shows there when I open it from the AppStore. There is an information window, allowing to proceed to Safari settings to install it. Once installed, this icon never comes back. 

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