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Problem with AltGr + h how to desactivate this comportement?

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I have no doubt that your product Evernote is a good product and has all the attention of your developers and sales team. I have just installed it on a new PC, and I must confess that I can't stand your application anymore. Indeed, when I do a simple AltGR + h (AltGr is available on French keyboards) it displays me the quick note taking pop-up. I can't seem to disable this unwanted behavior. In the keyboard configuration, there is no mention of such a shortcut. I'm thinking of getting rid of your program and am looking for an alternative. It doesn't mark, and my needs are modest. Of course, I can't find any note about this problem on the internet...


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Ok, I have understand what to do, until you correct the bug (ou feature) : quit Evernote minified in icon zone at Windows right bottom and launch it only if I have a imperious necessity to consulte my notes.

Not a very handy method, but it works…

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You can disable this keyboard interaction in Evernote.

  • Open the Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+/)
  • In the Global section, point with the mouse to hover over the 'Open Evernote Helper' option
  • Select the three dot menu that will appear to the left of this option and select Disable

You should find that the AltGr+H  no longer opens the Evernote Helper and is now only doing what you need.  I'm not sure why AltGr and Alt+Ctrl are captured as the same keystroke.  If you want the Evernote Helper you can change the keystrokes to something else via the Edit option.

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Thank you a lot. In fact, CRTL + ALT + h is the same in my keyboard than AltGr + h. But I have insalled the keymap fr-oss-Unicode.zip on http://mjulier.free.fr/clavier/

I don't know if it is the problem.

So I have reaffect the shortcut you talk to CTRL + ALT + F12, and now it works too with AltGr + F12.

But it doesn't bother me anymore.

Thanks again. You save my day.

Have a nice day.

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