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Need help fixing note conflict on phone but not web

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Hello. I just got my first note conflict recently. I thought I had fixed it by choosing the correct note and deleting the one I didn't want to keep. I do not get any messages about a conflict on my desktop and there is only one version of the note present. But on my Android phone, when I go to that note, I get a message about how there is a conflict that happened on Dec 31, 2022. I can dismiss the message or click to view the original note. If I click to view the original note, then I get an error that tells me to make sure my account is synced and that the note hasn't been deleted. Well I have synced the account. I also logged out and back in. And the note has been deleted. But how do I get it so that the mobile app is not complaining? I am about to uninstall and reinstall, but I am hoping there is a cleaner fix.

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21 hours ago, Arthur_Dent said:

I am about to uninstall and reinstall, but I am hoping there is a cleaner fix.

Hi.  If you haven't already done so,  I'd suggest creating a new note on your phone,  checking that it syncs with the desktop,  and then editing that note on the desktop and checking your phone to make sure the edit came through.  It sounds possible that your phone isn't syncing correctly,  which may mean that there are other unsaved notes on your phone which will be lost in a reinstall.  See here for some help with sync issues... Tips for troubleshooting syncing issues

If all that works however I'd then go ahead with your uninstall / reinstall - but throw in a device restart between the two to clear out any temporary memory.  Apart from sync checks,  there's not much to teching on a mobile device.  A clean reinstall is your best bet.

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